Agnieszka Skubiszynska

Agnieszka Skubiszynska is a native of Poland, who moved to the United States five years ago and has in that time developed a full grasp of the English language. "Oh it's not that great," Agnieszka said about her English speaking skills. She's modest. Beyond her humility and language ability, though, is a strong educational background in economics and a personality well-suited for Sebastian Co.'s service oriented team. "I love the idea of helping people find their American dream," she said. Born in Pocnan, Poland -- located in the nation's central region -- Agnieszka attended university in Poland and studied insurance. During her studies she took part in a work and travel program that placed her in the Wisconsin Dells. "I liked it so much I knew then I would move here," Agnieszka remarked. As a real estate salesperson, Agnieszka holds fast to a simple yet important philosophy, "I like to treat people the way I want to be treated."


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